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David Foote

David Foote, Chief Analyst & CRO, Foote Partners, LLC

David Foote is a trends research pioneer and one of the most quoted industry authorities on global tech workforce trends and the human capital side of technology value creation. He has spent more than two decades introducing innovative data-driven benchmark research and analysis focusing in IT/business cross-skilling and technology/business management integration, while also pioneering new industry practices for more accurate compensation benchmarking, tracking, and forecasting of tech skills supply and demand. He built his reputation at Gartner, META Group, and at several Silicon Valley companies prior to co-founding Foote Partners in 1997. There he leads a senior team of former McKinsey & Company, Gartner, and Mercer analysts, consultants and researchers in publishing continuously updated quantitative and empirical research involving close research partnerships with 3,038 employers in the United States and Canada. 

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