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Rick Doten

Chief, Cyber and Information Security, Crumpton Group LLC

Rick is Chief, Cyber and Information Security for Crumpton Group in Arlington, Virginia.  Rick provides strategic guidance for large company CISOs, and sometimes acts as surrogate CISO for companies who want to improve the IT security and risk management programs. Prior to joining Crumpton Group, Rick was the CISO of Digital Management, Inc. (DMI), an international mobile services company, where he maintained an ISO 27001 certified program while the company tripled in size through acquisitions and organic growth.  Rick has run ethical hacking, incident response and forensics, and risk management teams for much of his earlier career.  He has held positions as a Risk Management consultant at Gartner, Chief Scientist for Lockheed Martin’s Center for Cyber Security Innovation, and Managing Principal of the East Coast Professional Security Services practice at Verizon Business.

Rick is on the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Security Controls Editorial Panel, on the steering committee for 2016 Cambridge Forum, Cyber Security Strategy Forum in Ontario Canada, and a Mentor for Mach37 Cyber Security Accelerator in Virginia. He is a frequent speaker and often quoted in media about cyber security and privacy topics.  

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